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How to be a Reverse Racist

He stated it so fucking perfect. I can’t even.

Husband material.

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asphyxion replied to your post “fucking s t o p”

i … /CRY…. i adore you so much

i adore you too, loser //////////hhh  h

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I don’t understand what the problem is with misgendering Asphy. Asphy has been saying that he is gender fluid since I’ve known him, and during that time he has made countless posts, said it in streams, and through questions that he is gender fluid. The fact that people are going so low as to completely misgender him out of spite is fucking disgusting and shows what a piss pot you fucking are. Asphy is really polite to a lot of the people that mistreat him, and he shows more patience and kindness than he should, but i’m not about that life so i’m gonna tell you how it is. 

Stop. Being. A. Fucking. Ass. Wipe. 

Quit trying to hurt him, he doesn’t deserve it and in the end is 100X the person you will ever be. He isn’t perfect but he isn’t bad either. He’s a sweetheart. Just respect his privacy. and treat him as a human being. 

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fucking s t o p

if they say they are a sea sponge then they are a god damn fucking sea sponge like for the love of all things fucking holy, asphy has reiterated time and time again that they’re gender fluid and what pronouns they prefer so why. the ever living fuck. would you think to say otherwise? like where in the sky did you find the reasoning to, oh i dk, invade someone’s life like that?

because at the end of the day, i don’t know if you fucking realize that his life is never any of your fucking business. there was never a time when he signed a dotted line giving you all permission to every detail of his life. he owes none of you anything. not a god damn thing.

i’m fucking tired of this shit.

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enjoy me after i got my wisdom teeth out.

this is the best thing i’ve ever seen in my life and if you don’t believe me, they probably took your weedies away

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There are over 526 million black women in the world, all with different appearances, and your racist ass is going to say not liking black women is a ‘preference’, when the only damn thing they all got in common physically is their blackness? Sure, honey. 

I mean you can certainly not have a physical attraction to black women whilst still considering them equals. This is like saying “there are x number of males and your homophobic ass is going to say not liking men is a preference?” 

like, nah mate, it is a preference, because attraction is mostly based on preference, and by past experience (ex-lovers, and many studies show that men generally fall for women who resemble their mothers), and thereby can’t much be changed but by individuals who come along to break that barrier. so maybe a black woman will come along who can woo the (presumably) white male this is alluding to, but until that happens, he is going to say that he’s never been attracted to one. that doesn’t mean he doesn’t appreciate or value or care for or respect black women, but those things do not mean that he must be interested in her. physical attraction is a preference, but a highly personal one, and not one that should reflect upon someone’s civility toward said women. 

(sidenote: if such a man were to state firmly a lack of respect for all black women, and/or say that he could never love one such woman, then yeah, fuck that racist prick)

(side-sidenote: as a white male, I have absolutely personally been attracted to black women)

Threre’s a pretty big difference between ‘black women aren’t beautiful’ and ‘I’m straight’, and if you can’t understand that, you really need to think about what exactly you’re trying to argue here. One is about your literal sexual orientation, one is about racialized misogyny and eurocentric beauty standards. 

Saying “I am not attracted to black women” reduces black women to a monolith, and—as said in the original post—there are millions of black women, all of them looking different, and the only thing that they all have in common is their blackness. There are dark skinned black women and light skinned black women, black women with big noses and small noses, black women with small breasts and black women with large breasts, black women with short hair and black women with long hair. There are tall black women and short black women, thin black women and thick black women. 

Hell, there are even black women who are ‘white-passing’; i.e., if you didn’t know they were black you…wouldn’t know they were black. 

Physical attraction is based heavily on what society says we should find attractive, full stop—and we live in a world that has a serious bias toward white skin and white features, something that is known as ‘eurocentric beauty standards’. 

Such a man does not need to SAY he does not respect black women. By reducing them to a monolith, to a single entity, he has already said that loud and clear. 

And…I really don’t know why you felt the need to include that you’ve been attracted to black women. This has nothing to do with your boner, dude. It’s about racism and misogyny, and how the two work together to devalue black bodies. 

We are all responsible for examining the privilege we have and how it causes us to interact with the world around us. Yes, even if it has to do with sex. 

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